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August 24, 2010
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After making this [link] I was thinking to make some toy where you load images and can collide them :) did not had time then. Well made new version in couple of last days here [link] and decided to go and make a Small Image Collider :)

how to use
1) Click and drag to send object flying
2) Use "Pick" button to change object (load picture from your HDD)
3) Save or load scenes using save and load buttons(save to HDD)
4) Share scenes trough various file hosting sites and post links here ;)

One more thing. If picture you choose is PNG and it has transparent pixels then those will not be created. So better use PNGs :)

Do not pick too big images or you may end up hanging the browser. Pick some icons of 100x100 sizes at max.

Just google for some pngs, preferably small ones to use in this. I had plenty of fun with various bullets, spaceships, meteorites, planets and other stuff you could google out to use in this ;)

Made changes to how it works, check "how to use section of comment", hopefully now it is more user friendly ;)
Also you can now save and load your scenes ;)
And share them here with me and everyone ;)
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IRAwarrior 3 days ago  New member
i uploaded my face, then i broke it XD
MakeGamesHappen Jan 1, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Neeto. So it uses the alpha channel of the the bitmap to determine collision?

I did something like this once. I had a  "Collision bitmap" and then all the objects would look for pixels on the collision bitmap to decide if
they were colliding with something.
What do you program on?
MakeGamesHappen Jan 2, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
I use ActionScript 3.0. Though I have experience in C#, Visual Basic, and MaxScript.
I want to learn C++ and open GL eventually so I can be a true "hard-core" programmer.
I see. I somewhat moved away from AS3/Flash and working with HTML5 stuff now, sadly features/performance wise its not games ready ;(
And I am not interested in platform locked stuff, liked Flash a lot but its kind not "write once works everywhere" anymore ;(
MakeGamesHappen Jan 3, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah, you can write in Flash/AS3 and then put an AIR wrapper on it to get it to work on desktop and mobile.
But that is probably a huge performance issue.
I might end up writing code converter from AS3 to C++ and OpenGL or something in the future
because I hate the thought of taking a code base that took 1 year to develop and starting over.

But the second time coding something is usually faster. :)

Did you use FlashDevelop?
Depends on the size of code I guess. Did I understood correctly that you want to jut have same code well written in C++
It just that you may be naive to think that you can do a better job then Adobe or haxe engineers at converting AS3 code to native app.

How old are you btw?
MakeGamesHappen Jan 5, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Haxe does seem like a decent route. And converting my AS3 code to Haxe could be a decent way to go.
I have been looking up 3rd party tools.
As far as "can I do a better job"? That seems kinda irrelevant to me.
Do I want to spend the time to do a better job? Not really, I'd rather code games than code conversion
software. But I also have to think long term. And I don't see keeping my code-base in AS3 to be a safe route.

We also have to define what "better" means.

Converting my AS3 to C++ seems like a more long-term solution than wrapping the code in AIR.

As far as how hard it would be to convert to C++. Definitely Naive. It's not a language I know.
But all of my friends code in C++, and it seems like the next language I should be working with.

Here is a screen shot of my current code base. It represents a years worth of work.

I am 27.
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